Business Tax Services

We can help you pay less in taxes by planning ahead and looking for ways to minimize your taxes throughout the year. Planning ahead is key and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss ways you can reduce your tax liability. Everyone can benefit from tax planning and advice. At Austin & Macione CPAs you will receive the advice and guidance of experienced financial professionals who know how to take advantage of tax savings opportunities. We provide tax planning services for individuals, estates, trusts, and businesses

Whether you need to file Form 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 1041, Schedule C, Schedule E, Schedule F, Form 990 or any other tax return, we can help. The team at Austin & Macione CPAs can handle all your income tax filings, including:

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Partnerships (including multi member LLC’s)
  • Corporations (C Corps and S Corps)
  • Estate Income Tax Preparation
  • Trust Income Tax Preparation
  • Sole proprietorships (including single member LLC’s)
  • Non profits

There are many unique challenges that face nonprofit organizations. If you are a new nonprofit, we can assist you with the application for Tax Exempt Status with the IRS. We can help get you set up with a record keeping system (i.e. QuickBooks) so you can keep accurate records (see QuickBooks section for further information.) We can prepare Form 990 for your organization and are available throughout the year for any questions or financial consultations.

If your business has employees, handling the payroll is an administrative burden that can consume substantial time and require consistent commitment to keeping up with current payroll tax requirements. Here at Austin & Macione CPAs, we can assist you with a variety of payroll services such as:

  • Prepare and file your monthly and/or quarterly payroll tax forms with the IRS and State
  • Prepare your annual W-3 and W-2’s for your employees
  • Prepare your annual 1096 and 1099’s for subcontractors

Businesses are required to file an Annual Personal Property Tax Declaration with the assessor in their town or city. When prepared incorrectly or untimely, you can wind up paying tax on property you sold years ago, or paying a 25% penalty for missing the filing deadline. At Austin & Macione CPAs, we can help you track the assets and file your property tax declaration, so you pay only the amount of personal property tax that you owe, and nothing more.

Sales tax regulations can be very complex, and if you are not familiar with sales tax regulations, trying to file an accurate sales tax return can be risky. Our professionals at Austin & Macione CPAs stay current on the state’s sales tax regulations so after consultation with you, with full knowledge of the goods and services you sell, we can make sure you understand the sales tax regulations that apply to your business. We will prepare your monthly, quarterly, or annual sales tax returns for you, so that they are done accurately and on time.

Sometimes it seems like the list of requirements never ends. You may have to file unclaimed property tax returns, fuel tax returns, foreign bank accounts, tobacco products returns, annual income & expense reports or a FAFSA. No matter what it is, if it’s not something you do every day it can be a hassle. Chances are we have other clients in the same situation and we can help you! If you need assistance, please call our office.